DSE 101 Communication Skills

The course is designed to equip learners with basic communication skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening as the skills are the pre-requisites for success in other modules.

Course Objectives 

  • To expose learners to reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
  • To create awareness of work presentation and organization skills
  • To enable learners to cope with writing requirement of the university

Course Content

  1. Academic Writing
  • referencing conventions
  • secondary sources
  • direct and indirect citation
  • importance of referencing
  • plagiarism

2. Essay Writing

  • importance of essay writing
  • essay topic
  • planning the essay
  • essay paragraphs
  • the essay writing process
  • first and second draft
  • component of a good paragraph
  • conclusion

3. Listening Skills

  • what is listening
  • the listening process
  • difference between listening and hearing
  • types of listening key to effective listening

4. Note making and Note taking

  • Note making before the lecture
  • Note making during the lecture
  • Note making after the lecture

5. Reading

  • types of reading
  • reading strategies
  • reading and study skills
  • levels of comprehension in reading

6. Oral communication

  • non-verbal communication