DPE 104 Instructional Technology

The course is designed to introduce learners to concepts, theories, practices and developments in instructional technology, preparation and utilization of various types of instructional media, selection and evaluation of instructional media, current issues as well as future innovations in education. students will be exposed to a myriad of technological applications within educational settings, and they will examine, evaluate and develop specific instructional theories, models and principles.

Course objectives

Learners will be able to:

  • Describe tow instructional design models and relevant frameworks.
  • Defend the role of instructional technologies in the behaviorist and constructivist.
  • Explain the role of computers education.
  • Explain the use of media in teaching and learning and defend it.
  • Develop electronic resources and learning objects.
  • Discern the values, ethics, psychology that underlie different uses of technology.
  • Recognize the effects of instructional technologies on teaching and learning.
Course Content

  1. Definition of key terms: Technology. Instruction, innovation, system design, media, learning objects, internet, models, learning, theories,motivation,communication, giving appropriate examples.
  2. Explain instructional Technologies 
  3. Instructional Design and models
  4. Robert Gagne nine events of learning, Kellar motivation theory, instructional design, ADDIE model, Kennisnet and ACOT
  5. Multimedia and Bloom's taxonomy
  6. Theories of learning and instruction
  7. History of educational technology
  8. Learning applications and the cyber world
  9. E-learning
  10. software packages
  11. Intergrating digital media and learning environments(CAI, CMI, LMS)
  12. Understanding topical issues in in instructional technology.