MEM 701 Concepts of Educational Management

The Module deals with school system as a complex Organization and the administrative behavior in organizations. The module explores and develops the following concepts: Formal organizations, bureaucracy, school systems, decision-making, power, influence and authority, organizational change and management as a social process.

Course objectives

As a point of departure, the module introduces candidates to concepts, notions ideas that constitute common parlance in the field of Management generally Educational Management in particular. these concepts should form the basis upon which candidates will build an appreciation of the administrative processes involved in Education.

Course Content

1. Complex Organizations

2. styles of organizational leadership behavior, organizational control and leadership.

3. Interpersonal relationships and organizational behavior.

4. Authority, power and influence.

5. Decision making, bureaucracy and communication.

6. Change in organisational settings.

7. Applying concepts and styles of organizational behavior in schools.

8. Recent developments in Education.

9. Reflections of the philosophical foundations of educational managers: Theories.