This course aims at providing participants with a body of knowledge which will enable them to;

  • understand and apply human resource theory in the working environment 
  • understand the importance of human resource development to the success of a business
  • to make a positive contribution to the work of a human resource management department 
  • to increase and enhance employment opportunities within the human resource development industry

common wisdom tells us that the owner of the household knows better than the neighbour. Line managers are involved in day-to-day operations of the department. They are expected to know both general and specific knowledge , skills and attitudes required to effectively perform specific tasks by individuals, teams and the whole department.

They are also expected to know the kind of competencies that will be required in the future and help staff develop such competencies through career development programmes.

This course is designed to be a companion to you as you embark upon your study of economics. Through its overarching emphasis on international economics and development economics, we hope that it will help you become. Economics has a vital role to play in promoting international cooperation and mutual understanding because of its focus on global issues. To achieve this understanding, you need to learn to consider economic theories, ideas, and events from the points of view of different stakeholders in the world economy